Floods in Sindh

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Some SANA Ladies

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Rizwan Shah said...

A Report Of the Workshop Of pakistan Liberal Forum & Presention Of FYG(Future Youth Group).so I just suggest them few following things.

Hi salams, hope so u r fine and happy with blessing of Allah, I attended workshop of Pakistan liberal Forum few days back in Regent plaza Hotel Karachi, as I attended so many other such type of workshops in hyderabad too, as the topic was” Socio-Political Apathy” in sense of new generation and there the guests discuss many problems regarding Pakistan’s situation and role of youth and problem of youth. There was also inauguration ceremony of FYG means Future Youth Group. As I noticed many things but I want to suggest few more very important things that there are so many problems around us so we have to also discuss them too so I am mentioning below:
· Human Right’s crises
· Political Influence Problems
· Cultural losses
·Basic Primary Education
·Government crises
·Lack of resources
·Tradition limitations
·Rural & Urban Problems
·Education under Bad influence
·Women Right’s problems
·Religion crack’s problems

So problems given above r very important and need quick solution to develop the country on the track way, I do not think so that without solving such problems we can not take another step, I listen the speech of Prof: Moiz Sahib (General Expert), Peter barkman (From Germany), Asif khan sahib (chairman Pakistan Liberal Forum), they told so many things and role of youth that what youth of sindh should do. I understand so many things but I want to add few more quick solutions, which are needed for problems surrounding us. Moiz sahib expressed his whole life and gave lecture on self assessment of our self and shared his life experience with his, I appreciate him but we should also have many important issues which should be discussed in front of youth r few given above, he discussed on behavior of citizens but do u think that we r complete citizens the answer is no, we r not because actually we do not know what is the citizen means, what r basic duties on every citizen, what is law and order..Etc, u can see that there is no such institute who teaches us those things or we also not taught in our basic and main stage of life so see every thing depends on primary education, our primary school’s standard r really very un meaningful towards children, actually Pakistan is the country depends on interior so much, we should come and see what r the main problems of interior, we have so much uninfluenced human rights problems, women rights problems. Our people do not know what is politics, what r their rights, how can we take good decisions, I know Pakistan liberal forum is doing work but we have to think advanced, we have to work hard, I want to give an example that if I am going in any village and ask any girl or boy about these things they do not know what is democracy. So how we will teach whole Pakistan with Pakistan liberal form plate form and FYG’s plat form, it’s not so easy b/c we need every and each advanced resources and more than that time so we do not have much time b/c we r already very out of casual in word, so it is very necessary that we have to take attention of our ruling government, so that we can implement our techniques in primary education and I am giving u surety that if we r strong at the bottom means if our primary education is better and full of life lessons then we will definitely create good politicians, teachers, business persons..Etc.
There is also one more important issue is that our women is not independent means still depends on men’s decision so how she can be a good politician or strong youth and can help us, our girls are not free like in other countries so they can come across to think on such issues because they do not know any thing. We have to implement special workshops in which we have to put up hot lectures to teach them.

The result from all above given article is that if we table talk with government and discuss that what mistakes we did yesterday so we will not do in future, and we have to implement a better and advanced primary education for our children so with the help of that our boys and girls will surely able to learn every thing and they will be useful citizens of our state, as moiz sahib gave examples of other countries so we can see that they are also creating civic sense in the basic education or primary education.
We all should implement good effort to our limited areas to develop first our home then street then town and then city so after that we will able to develop good society.
For more guidance please contact with me on my email is given below:
E-mail: rizwanalishah2001@yahoo.com

Rizwan Ali Shah