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Monday, April 18, 2005

ST.Louis Welcomes Mrs Soomro from London

Dr. Jamil Soomro a well known physician died of Cancer in his adopted country UK about
9 months ago. His Wife and daughter came to attend recently held marriage ceremony. Theystayed with Dr. Amanulllah Pathan's family in Belleville and were invited to dinner byDr. Sham Lal Tekwani where most of the senior SANA members were invited, includingthose who are hardly seen. Therefore our mole in ST.Louis was kind enough take some pictures.

From L. Drs Shabir Shaikh Pulmonologist/Internist Belleville.
Dr. Abdul Wahab Kazi Cardiothoracic Surgeeon Belleville,
Dr. Hiral Tekwani , Sham Lal Tekwani and Dr. Narender Sarla Psychiatrist

Above is Dr. Hiralal Tekwani. He is an ophthalmologist in ST. Louis and is a 1969 Dow

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