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Friday, January 20, 2006

Glimpses of the First SANA Winter Convention in Sindh

SANA held its first Winter Convention in Karachi on December 24, 2005. The Convention was successful beyond anyone's expectations in every respect. Here are some of the glimpses of the Convention and other programs. We hope to post many more pictures as they become available along with a report from the EC Members. In the meantime, let us join Aziz Narejo and his EC to thank Dr. Javed Laghari,one of the founders of SANA and Chief Organizer; and his local organizing committee for a wonderful job. Hopefully SANA Winter Convention in Sindh will become a yearly tradition.

PS. Please click on pictures to enlarge. Also, note that the dates on pictures are incorrect.

L-R: Aziz Narejo, Comrade Sobho Gianchandani,
Javaid Laghari, Mashoud Kazi and Khalid Memon

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