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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Krishna's Threading Ceremony.. ST. Louis Social Corner

SANA Community has many unpublicised social functions every month. This month has also been very busy. There was an important marriage ceremony of Dr. Agha Siraj's daughter, Dr.
Iram Agha with Dr. Jamil Agha. Guests had come from all over the USA and even UK. Last week on April 23, 2005 Drs. Ashok Kumar and Dr. Durrupadi invited everyone to their son's threading ceremony. A hall in Howard Johnson near Lambert International Airport was booked and catering was arranged by India Palace Restuarant closeby. Delicious food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian was served along with lot of Power Point presentations, videos, music and Ho Jamalo dancing on different dialects.

Dr. Ashok Kumar is a member on SANA's Advisory Committee. He had been
very popularPresident of Dow Medical College Sindhi Medicos Association before leaving for UK. In UK he did his FRCS in Orthopedics before coming to the USA. In USA he along with his wife Dr. Durupadi did residency in Rehabilitation Medicine. Currently he is Associate Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine, ST.Louis. He is also President of Missouri Medical Society. Despite his very busy schedule he has always found time to do something good for the SANA Community on individual as well as collective level. He was also the chief organizer of the last memorable convention of SANA in ST.Louis. In brief he belongs to that rare class of graceful individuals who speak less do more. Drs Ashok and Durupadi originally come from Lasbello and are fluent in Balochi as well.

PS. Please ignore the wrong date on pictures. The cermony was held on April 23, 2005

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