Floods in Sindh

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Dr. Manzoor Memon is an Ophthalmologist in UK. He graduated from LMC in 1961. Has attended SANA Conventions twice in the past. He has been active in many small projects in Sindh including yearly eye-camps. He has sent the following plea to SANA on the occasion of the Annual Convention in Washington DC...Editor


There are 44000 (36000 Primary and 8000 Higher) Government Schools andapproximately175000 appointed teachers. More than 50% of schools eitherexist on paper or function below par. Quality of some teachers issubstandard and some get paid without going to schools!However in some cases minor interventions by the volunteers produced vastimprovement in standards. In a small project in Naushehro Feroze, we foundpaying for one extra teacher was all that required. In one case supply ofschool chalks, blackboard and notebooks got the school going. In a differentproject, a hired bus collected small girls from different villages, tookthem to the school in Naushehro Town Girls' School and returned them totheir homes in the evening thus enabling these girl to continue with theireducation.LET US DO WHAT IS DIFFICULT BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE:1. Find out Government Schools in your village or town or in the vicinitywhich are facing problems. You will easily find such schools. 300 schoolsare closed or partly closed in Naushehro district alone.2. Adopt one School. Appoint a relative, a friend or any locally unemployedgraduate to visit the school and find out what could be done to restart orimprove it. Then take steps to address that problem along the line ofexamples given above. Also get help from the local rich people.3. If you travel to Pakistan, try to visit such schools and partake in theprocess of ongoing help.You can only change the fortunes of Sindh by educating Sindhi children. Weare in the UK and USA because of our education which Sindh gave us. It isour duty to payback. Let us not deny Sindh’s children their basic HumanRight of education.Do you think this makes sense? If yes, then please consider it.

It’s Sindh'sLAST CALL.

Dr.Manzoor Memon (Ophthalmologist),
LMC graudate of 1962
Essex, UK


Rizwan Ali Shah said...

hi salams:
hope so every thing is fine and happy with blessing of Allah,my name is Rizwan Ali shah,iam student of telecommunication,i just visited this SANA's web site and really iam feeling proud on our sindhi brothers b/c they are doing alot work for our nation and iam proud to be a sindhi,the ineterview of Mr:rasool Bux paljo's was fantastic,and the speeches given by other people was intereseting too,so i want to congrets for such type of convention,there is a request iam interested in writing so i wrote few articales o many hot issues like inspirations of our youth so how cani post those to ur email or we because i can not sent those through comments box because those are very large so please tell me right way and try to continue such programs always,if u want to do any thing then we are always with u,the youth of sindh.please say salams to all members there.

Rizwan Ali Shah said...

please note down my email address is rizwanalishah@gmail.com.
Again i want to congrets all members of SANA for their precious time for sindh and sindhi people,so hope so next they will continue same thing.
Rizwan Ali shah